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Marshmallow Types

People ask me frequantely How do i come up with so many shapes for the StixNpops Designs.
Well, I do make a lot of the shapes Cutting the Marshmallows, and I also make fresh homemade Marshmallows for other designs (I will share the Marshmallow recipes very soon), but the truth is that I always keep an eye on new marhsmallows...everytime I visit the grocery store I go the baking aisle where the marshmallow are....and believe me I always find new designs
During different seasons, you'll find cute designs like to Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and Easter. 
I also like to visit the local Farmers Market and I always find a wide assortment in the Chinese and Hispanic Aisles. You can also browse online! there are lots, and lots of marshmallows!
Here are just some of my finds!!! you can store them in a fresh, cool place away from the sun for about 6 months, just check the expiration dates

You can find lots of differents Marshmallow sizes, to make different parts of a character's body. Like torso, legs, hands, ears, nose, etc.
Here are some of the Marshmallows I use the most.

Giant or Jumbo Marshmallows: Found in the Baking aisle or Hispanic Aisle, great to make the body's of the different characters.

Regular Marshmallows: these are the regular size Marshmallows we all know. great for heads, minis,  and Petites

Big Mini Marshmallows: Are minis but just a bit bigger, found in the International Aisle of your Market or Farmers Market. Great for hands, and small feet. 

Mini Marshmallows: Are the minis we all know, come in different colors and flavors. Great for small features like noses, ears, and small hands. 


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