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Girls Ice Cream Parlour Party

Since Last year I already knew I wanted to do an Ice Cream Parlour Party this year. I was planning to buy an Ice Cream Party Printable...but during this past year I discovered a lot of Free Ice Cream Printables. One day I was planning my budget for the party...and I decided to make a party on a budget of $100, so mission was to create a beautiful party for less!

Therefor I decided to use as many free Printables as I could....I found several with ice cream themes...but I choose the ones that had the same color palette I already had on mind: Aqua, Pink, Brown and white.

Tip: To decorate your party you do not need to have everyhting with the same graphics,...think COLOR. try to unify all your party with a color palette. With the color on mind you can use almost anything: trowns, pillows, lamps, jars, plates, flowers, baskets, chairs, paper, fabric...just look around your house, and you'll find lots of decorating elements, which will save $$$
In this party I used Scrappbooking Paper I already had, and I used on the banner, I made paper flowers, decorated each table setting, and decorated the toppings containers.

The Invitation
I printed on Cardstock paper the Free Printable Invite from One Charming Party, you can find the link HERE

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Monters Party Photoshoot by Elissa Stone

Today's Blog guest is Elissa Stone from One Stone Events, I had the opportunity to work with her on a Fun Monsters Party  styled Photo Shoot for Bird's Party Magazine. It was an honor to work with such a talented woman. Please make sure to visit One Stone Events website and facebook page....Elissa styles just beautiful party and events.... and now lets  have Elissa talk a little about herself and the the details about this cute Monsters Party scape! 

Elissa Stone from One Stone Events
I'm really excited to be guest blogging today at StixNpops! Elizabeth collaborated with me on this 'Little Monster' Party' for Bird's Party Magazine. Her marshmallow pops are so much fun and they were a great addition to the shoot.  I really appreciate Elizabeth letting me hang out on her blog today. I hope you all enjoy the party. I am moving into the niche of boutique party styling, so keep an eye out for my new blog, coming soon. And now, onto the party details!

Because the color palette is very bright and exciting, I chose to let those colors really pop off bright white linens and platters. I wanted to add another pattern to the polka dots, so I went with stripes; always a nice complement. You can imagine how excited I was when I found striped wrapping paper in the exact same colors as the darling ‘Little Monsters’ printable collection I was designing to.

Dessert table: While I am careful to not design so literally to a theme, the hanging installment of koosh monsters and balls was too fun to pass up! I knew the moment I saw those, what I wanted to do with them. They were so full of color and texture and added the quirk factor I’m always looking for. I spent a long time hanging them at various heights and levels and on different planes to get the right balance. 
TIP: Take pictures with your camera as you set up to get a different view of what your table looks like. This helped me find the balance when hanging everything, so I knew what it would look like in pictures.  

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