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Rocket StixNpops

This is another request from a customer... she is planning an Out of this World party! and wanted some StixNpops Rockets...I have been asked a lot about more boys designs...believe me I am thinking about them too! I just have not figured out yet how to make a cute car or truck! I'll work on it!!!

Well this is my version of a rocket!!! Perfect for Rocket themed parties, Planet parties, Aliens, get the idea!
The Rocket is embellished with sugar crystals, and decorated with royal icing details. Personalization is included!!


  • Paper stick: 12” long
  • Whole StixNpops (Including bottom marshmallows with personalization): 6 " tall
  • Actual figure: 3 1/2" tall x 3 1/4" wide

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Super Mario Bros StixNpops

I still remember being a kid and playing Nintendo...only Mario Bros with my older cousins! and so far is the only video game (but tetris) I have ever played! 

And hard to believe..but there just some characters that never get too old...this is the case of Mario Bros...there are tons of cute and creative Parties with this theme! so I decided to remember my old days... and play some Mario Bros!

Personalization is included you can add a number, letter, Monogram, or short name up to 5 letters.

-Paper stick: 12” long
-Whole StixNpops (Including bottom marshmallows with personalization): 8" tall
-Actual figure: 4 1/2" tall x 3" wide

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Candyland Lollipops StixNpops

These Giant Marshmallow lollipops...are perfect for your next Candyland celebration!!! or what about Carnival...circus...or just lollipops!!!
You can choose the color you want! 1 color and white! per lollipop! 

You can add an accent marshmallow in the bottom with personalization!!

SIZE OF LOLLIPOP: 3 3/4 diameter 
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Sesame Street StixNpops

I am so excited to introduced This Sesame Street Collection...I have been  inspired by my baby Sofia... She loves Sesame Street... and every time the show is on...she can't stop smiling, laughing, and dancing.
I love all the was hard to left out some other characters...I think I might add some others in the future!
This Sesame Street StixNpops Collection is a Happy and Fun Favors Pack for your next Party!!! Perfect for your next Sesame Street Party!!
Personalization is included, you can add a number, letter, monogram, or short name up to 5 letters.

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Peas in a Pod StixNpops

Here is another cute Baby Shower StixNpops...Peas in a Pod! I have always loved this theme! 
With these have the option of adding up to three Baby faces... you also have the option of choosing the baby's skin color and hair color.
Personalization is included: you can add a letter, monogram or short name up to 5 letters
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Triple Sports Balls StixNpops

I received a request for sports balls...for a little boy who loves all kind of I created a triple sports, basket ball, and football, and personalization is included: you can add a number, a letter, a monogram or short name up to 5 letters.

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Detective StixNpops

Here is another cute one for the boys... I was watching sherlock Holmes the other day... and Thought that's another cool boys Party Theme.
His clothes is embellished with sugar crystals, and he is holding a magnifying glass "looking for clues"
Personalization is included: you can add a  number, a letter, a monogram or short name up to 5 letters.
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Vintage Carnival Party-Happy Customer Photos

I am so excited to share with you this party from a Customer... Corley Designs from Philadelphia , they design and stylish the most beautiful parties, please check them out!
This was a party they designed for a little girl...Gracie who turned 6... and just look at all the details....I love every single thing about this party...not only beautiful..but full of fun for all the kids!!! It was an honor to work with them, and so happy to have out Carnival Tents in their dessert Table display.

Please enjoy these Gorgeous photos... sit down and relax...there are a lot of details to look at!

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Carnival Tent StixNpops

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Expressions StixNpops

These are really can get creative with Expressions.... it  works for any party...children's, and even adult's!
The whole face is embellished with sugar crystals, and you have the option to choose: 

  • The face color
  • the face expression (you can submit your own expression, please check with me before check out)
  • the accent colors and personalization (you can include a number, letter, monogram or short name up to 5 letters) 

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Ballerinas StixNpops

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Lil' Red Riding Hood Collection

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Lil' Chefs StixNpops

I have seen a lot of cooking and baking parties...they are becoming more and more popular every wonder cooking is so love it... and they learn so much by cooking...measuring, adding, mixing, colors....and it makes them interested in food! 
If you're like me...who has a little toddler, who wants to help mommy in the kitchen're probably thinking on hosting a cooking/baking party! so I decided to make the Lil' Chefs StixNpops.

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Pikachu StixNpops

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Super Heroes

Super Hero parties are very popular today...and they are not only for boys anymore...more and more girls want the Super hero theme as well!
This is the perfect favor and decoration for your next Super Hero Party!

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Merry Christmas!!!

We wish you the best and only the best during this Christmas!

I am grateful for my family, friends, and all of you who have supported me and my family business StixNpops! Thank you!! 
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Valeria's School X-mas Party

I wanted to share some pics of Valeria's Pre-school Xmas Party...they kids had a lot of fun! We brought Snowman StixNpops, and Reindeer cupcakes (my first ones!) and we sang carols  with instruments, and we sang Happy birthday to Jesus! it was a short and cute celebration! Valeria was so happy to have celebrated Jesus B-day party!

I meant to bring the cupcake tower...but I left it at home...
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The Nativity StixNpops

I've got into the Christmas Spirit... in since StixNpops have been such a big part of our lives this year...I decided to make the Nativity StixNpops...and incorporate it into our Christmas Celebration!
I think I'll add them to the shop next year! I hope you like them...enjoy Christmas in the Spirit of love, peace, and joy among your love ones!! Merry Christmas...Feliz Navidad!
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Sofia's Strawberry Shortcake Party

It's hard to believe that my baby Sofia had turned 1! she is a sweet, calm little girl... with character! she is busy crawling all over the house... following big sister,  she is a very particular child...she studies everyone and everything, and after feeling comfortable... she'll give you the sweetest smile!
Last year right after she was born...I went to a store closing sale, and found cute strawberry napkins, and plates at a really good price...and decided then to do her 1st birthday  theme a Strawberry/strawberry shorthcake.

So.. I went in that direction with lots of strawberries... and strawberry Shortcake...I also went with the colors red, pink and blue turquoise...I saw the combination somewhere, and loved it!

I hope you enjoy the pics as much as we enjoyed the party! it filled with great food, treat, games and really good friends!

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Gingerbread Christmas Cookie Love

I have always loved the work by Paula from Frog Prince Paperie...she is very creative and always styles the most gorgeous parties and tablescapes all tastefully and creatively!  just visit her website or blog...  and you'll agree with me!
This tablescape is not the exception... I had the opportunity  to make the gingerbread Man StixNpops for this photoshoot... and I love them even more, now that I see them in this setting. The Gingerbread Christmas cookie love Collection is for sale on her Etsy Shop .  if you want more information about all the vendors  and details about this collection please visit her blog Here 

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