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Fairy Princess Tea Party

I week ago was my daughter Valeria's Fairy Princess Tea Party.... I can't Believe she just turned seems like yesterday the day she was born!
I took me a while to choose which photos to feature... we took thousands of photos... Valeria had the party of her dreams.... all the lil' Fairies and lil' Peter pans had a blast... I am still exhausted but it was worth it! I am sure my Fairy Princess will remember this day forever!

I enjoyed the planning and making  almost everything from the crepe garlands, cake, tutus, and decorations...I enjoyed the most watching all the little happy faces, all those innocent eyes full of excitment and joy to be living a fairy tale... there was sparkles AKA glitter everywhere.... I can not describe  enough the happiness we felt at our home... even though it was packed... and it rained... but every moment, every little detail was pure happiness! happy Birthday my baby Valeria.... you will always be my baby!

I decided to put photos in segments... pretty much in the order all the activites happened! I am also sharing some photos from a photo shoot I did with Valeria and Sofia at Vines Gardens Park of my favorite parks (Valeria felt like a Fairy in the forest... or as a tooth Fairy... as she calls herself) sit back and enjoy... there are tons of pictures!

Decorations and Welcoming

I made simple but cute invitation using the same Fairy Clip art I used in all the party's decor... the clip  is by Whimsy Primsy

The handmade Crepe garlands had two purposes: decorations, and dividers... I blocked my living room from little sticky fingers... just in case (I have a new living room... and did not want to be worry about kids being there)

Beautiful flower crowns (head bands)

All the tutus decorated our stairway!

Once the guests entered, each one was able to dress up, For the  lil' Fairies wings, tutus, flower crown, wands... and the lil' peter pans, hats and swords!

even the boy "Peter pans" got some sparkles!

The Main Table, Cake and Favors

The main table  was decorated with  the cake, Fairy StixNpops, pink lemonade fairy dust, and treat bags, full of goodies!!!
I also made the pom poms... even though I have seen them so much.. these were my first! not so bad!

The beautiful banner.... in coordinating colors was made by Sherry from Party Pops 
I love it!!! Sherry did a great job with it! thanks a lot Sherry!

The Magical Fairy dust lemonade was basically... pink powered lemonade with sugar crystals (as fairy dust) in the back of the jars were the instructions, so each one could make it at home.

the Paper treat bags were also handmade.. I filled them up with sweets, more glittery, girly stuff, and Personalized back bag tags!

 StixNpops were an important part of the main table decoration!!!

Each guest went home with a StixNpop!!! Of course! The girls took fairies and the boys star wands!!!

The Food

sorry these pics are not so clear... but the Tea party Commensals... enjoyed, mixed tea sandwiches, deviled eggs, cream cheese croissants,  stuffed cucumber appetizers, fresh fruit, fruit salad,  mixed spreads with pita chips, almond macaroons, sandwich cake.... among other goodies... there were things for everyone's appetite!

Playing Tea Party

The cute little tea party table!!! all the kids went crazy... and I was not sure of how things were going to happen, and the all the kids were going to sit down... but actually they all did! and behave really well!

Each guest found their own name in a cute little basket holding their name cards

Dessert Table... Sweets and Treats!

I could not have a tea party without a Dessert table!
every dessert was either pink, purple, or in coordinating colors with the party!

a front view!! featuring my latest paper creations!! pompoms and crepe garlands!

I decorated these shortbread cookies all with pink, purple, and blue butterflies... love how they look together... and they were yummy too!

I just felt in love with these mini wafer cubes... I found them in the farmers market in the Asian Aisle...  I decided to decorate them each with a flower and leaves... love how they turned out!

I also debuted with paper cones... I was going to fill them up with caramel popcorn... but noticed that the sugar levels were already decided to filled them with a savory treat... white cheddar Pop Corn! it was a hit!

The Brownie Bites were forted with Strawberry cream cheese frosting, and decorated  with Beautiful Fairy Picks by Pam from Party Starters 
Thank you Pam they look adorable and are the perfect final touch!

Fun, Fun, Fun
Magical Crafts, face Painting, and Nails and Body Fairy Dusting

Fairy Godmothers Station! full of goodies
face painting supplies, nails glitter, and body glitter

As a craft I had a Door hanger, for each little one to decorate... they were all into it!!! 

The Fairy Godmothers and the "lost" Treasure

I gracefully volunteered my mom and our good long time friend Ada, to be the Fairy Godmothers...we were going to sew dresses for them...but just run out of they wore white clothes, with wings, flower crowns, feathers boa, and white gloves... and voila!!! Fairy Godmothers!
I had prepared a treasure hunt outdoors...but it was we decided to have the Godmothers find the lost treasure and bring it to the castle's little guests.... my mom and good friend Ada did a great job as Fairies Godmothers... they had so much fun.... but before opening the treasure chest they came up with some magic open it! after all it turned out great!

The Cake and Details

Cake decorating is one of my many hobbies.... I just love how this cake turned out!
a magical garden! It took me a whole day decorating!
The cake was a 4 layer cake, of strawberry and was rich and moist...delish!

Surprise! Lets sing, make a wish, blow candles, and have some cake

One thing that  my Valeria kept saying while  I was decorating the house for the party... was " all my friends coming to my party and they are going to say surprise Valeria"
so I decided to make that dream come true... in some way... since the party was not a surprise...but before "cake time"  I told everyone to come to the dining room except for Valeria and the Fairy Godmothers.... their job was to escort Valeria to the main Room... and so it happened.... once the came in to the dinning Room we all shout out... SURPRISE!!! and you can just see her still makes me cry!!! she could not stop saying thank you, thank you! We will never forget it!

Enjoying time and playing with all my friends!

Once it stopped raining... we all went outside... and had all the little ones sit down to have some ice cream pops my mom made... 

it was time to burn some energy out...and without telling them anything they all started running, "flying" following each other! it even was fun  just watching them so happy!

To end the party with a golden finale! we had a bouncy castle!!! perfect to burn them out...
you can just see how energized those kids were! 

It was the perfect party, for our Perfect little girl! 
Anything we do, won't be enough to express our love for you!  We love you, and wish you a long and happy life, full of blessings,  and great experiences that will make you wiser, noble, and greater! 
May all your dreams come true!


  1. WoW - Now that is one party fit for a princess - Now how will you top that next Year? Love love love.

  2. I am amazed by this party, Elizabeth! Beautiful and all the incredible details. You must have been planning this for a year! Your daughter is gorgeous. The fairy stations are adorable. And that cake is just stunning. Beyond beautiful party:)

  3. What a Wonderful Party!! Love your Fairy-tastic details and ideas!!

  4. Thanks for all your beautiful comments... I enjoyed every moment of it!!! I started planning it for 6 months... but actually making things like three months ago...

  5. Wow! What a party! So many great details. I love those Peter Pan hats! Your little fairies look like they are in heaven!

  6. super adorable, thats the theme for my girls 2nd bday and it just very creative and it has given me greT IDEAS, been breaking my head bout it in hoe to incorporate the boys into, thank u :D


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