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Madeline StixNpops

Introducing Madeline StixNpops.... Here is another customer's request!!! What a cute little French Girl: Madeline!!! Perfect for your little girl's Birthday Party, or French Tea Party with a very cute and elegant touch!!!!
Personalization included!!!

-Paper stick: 12” long
-Whole StixNpops (Including bottom marshmallows with personalization): 7" tall
-Actual figure: 4" tall x 3 1/2" wide

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Yo Gabba Gabba StixNpops

I am so excited to Introduced our New StixNpops set... Yo Gabba Gabba!!! I am an official Fan of Yo  Gabba Gabba.... they teach manners, and really good things to the kids.... like eating!!!! Lately during every meal I find myself singing to my daughter..."there is a party in my tummy so yummy, so yummy...." and the tunes of the songs are catchy....once you hear it , you will be singing a Yo Gabba Gabba song all day long!!! check out their official  website  
I Customer asked me If I could do these characters for her daughter's Birthday!!! and to be honest I had been thinking about them for a while..... of course my 3 year old is a big fan!!!!  I think They turned out really good... they passed my 3 year old's Valeria test : she recognized them all!!! I made them all sitting down. This set is sold in a pack of 10 2 of each!!! Personalization is included!
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Petites with fondant Decorations

Petites covered in chocolate, with fondant decorations: Either circles, flowers, an initial or number, or one big star (great for super heroes parties)
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Strawberry Shortcake Party for berry Special lil' Girl

This weekend we were invited to our friend's daughter's Luna First Birthday Party! They celebrated Luna's Party with a Strawberry Shortcake Party...and they ordered me Strawberry Shortcake SNP...these turned out really nice!!!
All the kids had a blast at the Party! My oldest Valeria could not have more fun....a moonwalk, pinata, lots of prices, sweets, food and lots of friends to play with!!! It was a great party! thank you for inviting us! and thank you for choosing StixNpops as you party favors!!

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Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse StixNpops

I do not know why it took so long to make these two!!! Mickey Mouse what an old times favorite!!! who does not like Mickey mouse and Minnie Mouse? What kid has not dreamed about going to Disney World?
Here they are... I made a classic Mickey and a formal one with a bow tie. Minnie has her head bow, in red with white polkadots, but can also be made in pink or hot pink. Their heads are embellished with black sanding sugar!!! it looks really cool in person!
Personalization included!
You can chose 6 of each or 2 different characters (3 of each)

Whole StixNpops: 6 1/2"long
Their whole head is 2 1/2" x 4"

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Petites with Dragees/ Sugar Pearls

Petites covered in chocolate with  Dragees/sugar pearls top: You choose the chocolate color, and the sugar pearls color options are: pink, pastel blue, pastel green, white, silver or gold.
Minimun order of 12 (all the same, with no variations) the paper stick is 6" and they each come wrapped in a cellophane bag and tied with a silver twist ties.

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Sponge Bob StixNpops

Introducing SpongeBob Square Pants... another kids' favorite!!!
THe good thing about SpongeBob is that is neutral!!! boys and girls like him! 
Our SpongeBob StixNpops  body is covered in Yellow sanding sugar, it does look like a sponge!!!
Personalization inclueded!!!

SpongeBob SIZE:

  • Paper Stix: 12" Long
  • Whole StixNpop: 5" tall
  • Actual Figure: 5" tall x 4" wide

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Flying Pigs StixNpops

I made these just for fun!!! I have seen a lot of Flying pigs inspires art... and I thing they're just darn cute... These are for all the Flying pigs lovers!!!

I made a plain simple flying pig, a girly flying pig (with a flower on the ear) and a very manly flying pig (with a bow tie) Their wings are decorated with sparkly sugar crystals!


  • Paper stick: 12" long
  • Whole StixNpops: 7"tall
  • Actual figure: 4" tall x 3 1/2" wide

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Thomas the Train StixNpops

Introducing Thomas the Train StixNpops!!!
I been asked to make more boys StixNpops, so I decided to make this old time favorite!! Thomas!!
Thomas engine's body is embellished with blue sanding sugar... to  make even more special!
This would be a very cute favor for your next train party!!
Can I also make the other engines if desired... just let me know which one your little boy wants... or a combination of 3 different engines!
Personalization included (add a number, a letter, monogram or short name up to 5 letters)

-Paper stick: 12” long

-Whole StixNpops (Including bottom marshmallows with personalization): 5"tall
-Actual figure: 5" tall x 4" wide

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A fun Day with Story Time Live

This last weekend we surprised our girls... well the oldest Valeria almost 3 was surprised!!!
We took them to see Nick Jr. Story Time live ... Valeria had a Blast... and in the intermission I surprised her again with a Kai-Lan StixNpop... watch her face! We had a blast!!! Valeria was clapping, singing, and dancing! she loved it, and our little one Sofia was very happy too, she kept swinging her legs, and was very focused on all the colors and lights!!!... if the Story time Live Tour is visiting your city make sure to take your kids... they'll love it!!!
The Story Time live Tour was performed at the Fox Theater here in Atlanta, which is truly one of Atlanta's Landmarks... if you do not live in Georgia, and one day plan to visit, please make sure to visit the Fox theater... for more information about the Fox, visit their website. 

 images courtesy Nick Jr, Story time live... we were not aloud to take photos during the show

Valeria happy to be in her own seat... and look the face of excitment with her Kai-Lan StixNpop

Us with our girls... Valeria and Sofia

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Ni Hao Kai-Lan Characters StixNpops

Here is another kids Favorites... specially my daughter Valeria... she loves Kai-Lan... when she is playing byherself she packs her back pack, and pretend she is going to China! she thinks China is just around the corner from our house!

These will look amazing on your party table!!! i love the vibrant colors!!! I am sure they will be a hit with all the kids!!
Personalization icluded, sold in packs of 12 (4 Kai-Lan, 2 Rintoo, 2 Hoho, 2 Lulu, 2 Tolee)

-Paper stick: 12” long
-Whole StixNpops (Including bottom marshmallows with personalization): 6 1/2" tall
-Actual figure: 3 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" wide

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Dora the Explorer and Diego StixNpops!!!

I have been getting a lot of requests for famous Characters StixNpops for future parties... so I decided to Start making more Kids Favorite friends.... and here are two favorites of boys and girls!!! Dora and Diego!
Heir cloths are decorated with sand sugar crystals, they are cute and will look adorable on your party table are decorations... and then all your guests will be excited to be able to take one with them.
Dora and Diego are sold in set of 6 of each. Personalization included!!

-Paper stick: 12” long
-Whole StixNpops (Including bottom marshmallows with personalization): 6 1/2" tall
-Actual figure: 3 1/2" tall x 5" wide

-Paper stick: 12” long
-Whole StixNpops (Including bottom marshmallows with personalization): 6 1/2" tall
-Actual figure: 3 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" wide

check out the details: Dora even has her bracelet, and Diego his watch!!

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StixNpops Packaging

Lately I have received several questions about packaging... customers worry about shipping, and how they will receive their order... so I decided to share pics of how we pack our lovely StixNpops... and do not worry you will always receive them on time for your party, and in perfect condition!!!
This packaginf is for an order from 6 to 24 StixNpops.

Each SNP is tied with twist ties to the bottom of the box tray.
We prefer to tie each one to prevent them from moving around

Once they are tied, the tray box goes inside the shipping box!

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Sneak Peek to Farm StixNpops... For Giveaway Winner

I am excited to share with you a sneak Peek of our last Farm StixNpops....these are for our First Giveaway Sweepstakes Winner Lori from NH, she is celebrating her son's 5 birthday Party!!! I hope you enjoy them... and as always I would love to see some party pics... to share with everyone else!

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Fairies Sneak Peek

Here is another Order Sneak Peek... for a Customer from Washington D.C.... she wanted Pink Fairies for her daughter's 3rd Birthday Party.... and  she wanted some Fairies blonde, and some  brunettes... to match each lil' fairy guest! How thoughtful!!!
These turned out really cute! Enjoy!

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Ajoy!!! Pirates!!!

Here is another Sneak Peek of a Pirates order... this order came from a customer from Miramar, Florida...her little boy is turning 4... and they are having a Pirate theme party!!! Love it... I have to  be honest.. this is one of my favorites StixNpops!
She wanted some with red shirts and some with blue... the Personalization was half the number 4 and half his name... Daniel!!!
I hope you like them... As much as enjoyed making them!!!

If I were invited... this is one Party I wouldn't want to miss!!!

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Sneak Peek to Star wand Order

As always I am sharing Sneak peeks of my StixNpops Orders!!! This week I have been busy StixNpoping!  you see I just created a verb for my job-hobby!
This order was for a customer from Brooklyn, New York... she wanted simple pink star wands, for her daughter's 4th Birthday Party!!! Can you guess the Party Theme?
Fairies!!! I am sure all those fairies will have a blast!!! I'll post pics, if I get some in my mail!!!

 Love the Stars in Pink!!! yes I love Pink!

She did not want any kind of Personalization...she has an activity planned with these... how fun!

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