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About me

A little bit about me...

My name is Elizabeth, I am a wife and mother of two beautiful girls. I love to cook (creative and healthy dining), and bake....actually baking cakes and decorating them is another of my hobbies....specially my girls' cakes!!
I love all beautiful things.... and love to make and learn new crafts... another of my hobbies is to sew, and scrapbook (actually I am still's fun).... in one phrase I am all about arts and crafts... I enjoy decorating my home, and dressing up my girls!
I also enjoy doing crafts with my girls, and having educational, and family friendly activities! 

I am also an Artist and Graphic Designer by profession, I paint children's artwork, and Murals. please visit my website (under Construction- to be launched on September 2011)

I am an In this site I like to share one of mine latests hobbies...creating Marshmallow Pops...I started them for fun, which became a business. I used to sell all the different StixNpops sets online, but the demand was so high I just could not keep up with the orders, and still be a good mother....I thought about expanding and hiring  extra hands....but I already have my dream job "Painting" on its way...and I just did not want and extra weight on my shoulders, so I just decided to share with everyone my rediscoverd talent  and the craftmanship of working with Marshmallows.

Why Marshmallows? 
Well....literally Mashmallows are edible blank canvases! and as an artist is amazes me, all the things I can make with Marshmallows, and how easy I can transformed a regular plain marshmallow into a small edible work of art!

Thank you for visiting us!!!