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Mickey Mouse Club House Party-Customer Photos

I am so excited to share this party with all of you.... I had the opportunity to work with Khaliah from The Party Muse , who is a very creative gal! She is a Party planner, and Stylist and also has her own Shop on Etsy , please check out her cute party collections!
Khaliah was looking for some diggity dogs for her client's party, and I stepped up to the challenge!!!  I love this party, every detail...shouts outs Mickey Mouse  Club house! and which is your favorite detail?

What a colorful dessert table!!! Beautiful!

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Hot Dog Diggity Dog- Custom Order

Here are is a sneak peek, from a Custom order I made for Khaliah from the Party Muse...she is organizing a Mickey Mouse Club House party for a client, and wanted some Hot dogs... so here is mu interpretation of the Hot Diggity Dogs! They are sweet and tasty mini Hot Dogs...I loved the way they turned out... my husband even said that they do not look sweet...because they looked so real! I can't wait to see party pics!!!

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Ginger Bread Man

Here is another great addition to the Christmas Collection,  I can customize it any way you want...button's colors, instead of a bow tie, I can put a scarf, and even add a Christmas hat! You can get this one  as a set, or add it to the Christmas Collection.
I made this order for Paula from The Frog  Prince Paperie , which she is going to use on a photo shoot!!! I can't wait to see pics!!! I am sure everything is going to look Beautiful  as everything she does!

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Winter Holiday Photo Shoot

I am so excited to share with you the latest Winter Holiday photoshoot, styled and Photographed by Pamela Smerker from party Starters. This was a collaborative Photoshoot, where again many talented women contributed with their amazing products!

In this photoshoot there were 4 different sets: the Traditional Reindeer and Santa Set (this is the one StixNpops participated on); the It's cold outside Set,the Winter Wonderland Set; and Frosty's Wonderland 
Below I have posted photos from each set separately and at the end of each set you'll find the Shops where you can purchase all the beautiful supplies and treats.

Again, Pam...thanks!!! and always you did an amazing job!!
Sit back and enjoy!! there are lots of pics!!! get ideas, and pick your favorite!!!

Traditional Kids Christmas, Reindeer and Santa Display: Red, Green and White

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Sneak Peek - Cat in the Hat and Petites

Here is a sneak peek of an order for a customer from California, who is trowing a baby shower for her Best friend... the baby shower theme is Dr. Seuss, and she asked me to make the Cat in the hats and some petites   to go with the theme!

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Baby Carriage StixNpops

I love this new Baby Carriage Design!!! to me it evoques classic, traditional, and cuteness all together! This is the perfect favor and decoration for your next Baby Shower. Every Carriage comes decorated with Royal Icing a embroidery icing, so looks even more romantic, and with a final touch or pearl dust, which gives it a shimmering effect!!! Just darling!
Personalization is included and you can add an initial, short name (up to 5 letters) or just the word baby.
You have different options with the Baby Carriage StixNpops:
  • Baby Carriage's color.
  • Baby's skin color
  • Baby's hair color
  • Baby's pacifies color.

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Baby in Diapers StixNpops

What is cuter than a Marshmallow Baby in diapers?
These little guys are small, but full of cuteness!!! perfect for your next Baby Shower.
Did you notices the little pin? cute, cute, cute!!! and every diaper is finish with a pearl dust touch... it makes shimmery and even more special!
personalization is included!!! You can add an initial, short name (up to 5 letters), baby, or baby boy/ girl
With these baby in Diaper StixNpops you have several options:
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Stork with Baby StixNpops

I  love baby showers....the themes, the colors, the games....and of course the I decided to make more baby Shower StixNpops and I came up with 3 new Designs... here is one of them...
The Stork with baby... all the stoks are decorated with white sugar crystals, and the you can personalize them with  Baby in the color of your choice, or an initial, or short name (up to 5 letters) You also have a couple of more can choose:
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Petites StixNpops with Non-Pareil

Petites covered in chocolate sprinkled with Non-Pareils (smaller sugar pearls) You can choose your chocolate color and the Non-Pareils color options are: blue, pink (more like hot pink), yellow and white.
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Christmas StixNpops Collection

I know we just celebrated halloween.... but don't you think it is time to start thinking about Christmas? I am already brainstorming how I am going to decorate the house, the Christmas tree, the Nativity, and so on....
Well I also participated on a Collaborative Christmas Photo shoot this year... I'll post pics soon! but before wanted to share the Christmas Collection with you!
In this Collection you'll find: Santa, Rudolf the Reindeer, the Snow Man,  a Penguin with a Christmas hat, the Nutcracker, and a Teddy Bear with a Christmas hat.... I'll soon post a new StixNpop...the Ginger Bread Man... 
Sold in a pack of 12, you choose 6 characters. They are all carefully handcrafted and decorated with royal icing decorations and sugar Crystals.
Personalization included: add a number, a initial, a monogram or a short name (up to 5 letters)
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Mickey Mouse First B-day Party

I am sharing today pics from a Customer's Party, who happens to be also our friends! the Party's theme was Mickey Mouse, and they ordered  me Mickey and Minnies...just take a look at this party!!! it looks like lots of fun! right?

The Birthday Boy showing off his beautiful party table!
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Alice in Wonderland StixNpops Collection

These are great as the party favors, and party decorations for your next Alice in Wonderland Party. 

Personalization included: add a number, a initial, a monogram or a short name (up to 5 letters)

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Preschool Halloween Party

I just want to share with you, a couple of pics of my daughter's Preschool Halloween Party... I helped out with the Cupcakes, and StixNpops of course!! I made adorable minis Jack O' lanterns! and all the kids loved them!!!  as you can see, I decorated the StixNpops Arrangement with the Free Boo Printable from  Anders Ruff... and it went perfect with my StixNpops because I personalized them with Boo! For your next Halloween party if you want to use this Printable please click Here.  

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Fall Collection StixNpops

I have been away from blogging for while now... I have been really busy with lots of orders, and also spending quality time with my Family... I also been working on a lot of new designs, and here is a Fall Collection a created inspired by Thanksgiving! In this collection you'll find a pumpkin, a scarecrow, and the traditional cute turkey! each one is decorated with Royal Icing Decorations and Sugar crystals... They sure will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving dinner.
Personalization included: add a number, a initial, a monogram or a short name (up to 5 letters)
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