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Candy Buffet Inspiration

Candy Buffets or Candy Bars are the same thing and they growing in popularity in Parties!!!

The best thing about Candy Buffets is that they work for any event; bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays- just adapt to suit the event.

How to Create a Great Candy Buffet?

Getting started

You'll need:
• Several glass containers in a variety of shapes and sizes (bowls, jars, vases, canisters, pedestal servers)
• Candy
• Candy Scoops
• Small cellophane bags or mini boxes for guests to fill with candy
• Ribbon, labels, and other embellishments to decorate the jars

Jars, vases and bowls

The first thing you need to do is find some great candy containers and candy scoops. You can rent containers (check with your wedding planner, florist, or rental shop for ideas and options) or you can purchase them.
Be creative. The sky is the limit when it comes to how you want to present your candy buffet.
  •  Apothecary jars look glamourous and will show off the lollies. 
  • Clear glass or crystal jars crate a classic look:They showcase your candy selections and have a charming appeal.
  • Open topped bowls and vases look great with lollies overflowing out and also makes life easy for guests.
  • Simple white or brown paper bags are sweet yet inexpensive.
  • There are a zillion sized favour boxes and noodle boxes with different prints, colours and motifs. Personalise plain boxes with mongrammed stickers or stamps. 
  • Roll some pretty squares of paper into cones for guests to fill. Easy and unique.


Color scheme 
Your color sceme should deflinitely match the over all color palette you are using in your wedding. Wedding colors aren’t just for the flowers and bridesmaids dresses! Take advantage of the colors of your chosen palette: Enhance your candy table’s presence by tying together to your ceremony to your reception.
Depth and height
Use pieces like simple boxes, phone books, or even upside vases (short/cubed glass vases usually work best) in your display. You can decorate the boxes u use to create height levels by wrapping the boxes in decorative paper, or leave them bare and covered with matching linens for a table that flows elegantly.

Multipurpose Centerpieces
Whether you are using flowers, candles, swimming goldfish, a unique plant... using an extra centerpiece or two in your candy buffet display will not only tie into the rest of your reception, but it also adds spunk & freshness to your candy table!
Use The Trimmings 
Using fashionable and bold details like quality linens, ribbons, and paper can add nice touches to your overall display.

Decorate the Table
In addition to your candy jars and candy selections, you will want to decorate the table. Consider including:

  • A table runner in one of your wedding colors
  • Flowers & flower petals
  • Candles
  • Decor that matches your theme
  • Pictures from your bridal or engagement session
  • Childhood pictures of the bride and groom
One of the easiest ways to bring style to your candy buffet display is to put your candy jars at different levels. Raise the containers to different heights by putting books or other supporting materials under the table cloth. Your wedding caterer or cake designer may also have dessert stands you can rent for the evening to achieve the leveled look.
Consider the table: where will it be located?  Will there be a nice backdrop or wall behind it for pictures?  Or will it be open so people can access it from all sides?  Will it even have sides, or will it be round?  These are all good questions to ask yourself before deciding on a set-up design.

How to Make Your Candy Selections
When making your candy selections, consider several things – your wedding colors, your theme, and your candy favorites. A great place to find all types and colors of candy is

Color is Sooo Important  
Having a specific color scheme can sure make your table pop with vibrance!  Be sure to consider different hues/shades – for example, if your colors are red and brown, don’t be afraid of using different shades of reds and pinks.  If using primarily dark colors, try to use trimmings in lighter shades to bring energy to your table.  

Check the weather 
Will it be hot or sunny?  Will the table be indoors or outdoors?  If indoor, will there be AC?  If you’re worried about warmth, save the stress and avoid candies that could easily melt. This definitely means most chocolates, skittles, and obviously ice cream is a sure No No !
if you’re planning to use fresh fruit at all (e.g. chocolate dipped strawberries or raspberries), be sure to keep in mind that they are even in season.

Not just candy
A fun way to make your table more exciting and enticing is to consider unique "un-candy" items as well, such as: mini cookies, candy carmeled apples, kettle corn, or spiced nuts.
Be creative  
Candy isn’t just made to be eaten, but also to play with!  Bundle large lollipops together like a bouquet of flowers, or skewer some marshmallows to simulate kabobs – the possibilities are endless.
Don’t buy too much! 
It is easy to over buy for your guests in candy, as you want to make sure they get to enjoy the sweet delights... But if you’re serving a meal and cake at your event, guests aren't going to be packing their bags full of candy as if it were halloween ;).  "A small portion of ½ cup (4 oz) or less is a good estimate per person.  If you want to buy in bulk for a visual effect, save large containers for popular candies so you won’t have too many leftovers."

  • Hiring the jars: platters and bowls can cut back on the cost.
  • Have plenty of lolly scoops on hand: no one will want to touch the jars after people have their hands in them!
  • To help create a full look to your buffet when you're on a tight budget: use other decorative "filler" items on the table around the candy jars. Paper lanterns, flowers, flower petals, and picture frames are great "filler" elements. You can even sneak in some jars of inexpensive, coordinating cookies to help fill space and create a decadent, abundant look to the buffet.
  • Use a variety of types of candies - individually wrapped, unwrapped with a hard candy shell (i.e. m&m's, skittles), hard candies, gummy candies, lollipops, old-fashioned candy sticks, etc.
  • Purchase candy at bulk candy stores - either local or online (see Resources below). If it's possible for you to buy bulk candy locally, bring your containers into the store with you to make sure you purchase the correct amount.
  • If you're ordering candy online, be sure to place your order well in advance so that you have time to stage the buffet at home before the party and order more candy if necessary. You also want to avoid rush shipping fees, as bulk candy can be very heavy!
  • Consider your environment. For example, if you're having an outdoor wedding in the summer, you may want to avoid chocolate, yogurt-covered malt balls, and other types of candy that can melt in the heat.
  • To narrow down the wide selection of candies available, which can be overwhelming when you're deciding on the candy "menu", focus on creating a buffet that matches your party colors and/or theme.
  • Use different shapes, sizes, and heights of containers, and make sure their mouths are wide enough for guests to scoop candy from. Cylinder vases and apothecary jars are widely available in home/craft stores (Target, IKEA, Michael's, etc.) and online, and it's also great to check discount stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls.
  • Embellish containers with ribbon, custom labels, and other decorative embellishments.
  • Less is more:  trimmings are definitely your friends, but don’t over-do it!  Too much stuff on one table could definitely clutter your table and cause it to look less enticing.
  • Fun Do-it-Yourself Favor-A candy buffet is a great do-it-yourself favor that your guests will not soon forget. Make sure to include favor boxes or bags so they have something to put their candy selections in.

Candy Buffet Inspiration

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