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About Stix n Pops

What are StixNpops? well some may call them sweets on sticks (stix), some others may call them sweet pops! the truth is that StixNpops are Fun, Sweet, and original treats on "stix"

StixNpops are made out of Marshmallows and sugar decorations!!!
Yep... this is a very sweet treat!!! that is reserved just for very special occasions!!!

If are looking for a fun, original, edible and personalized Favor for your next celebration, you just found it!!
StixNpops, are not one sweet treat that will bring a smile to your guests, but also a very original way to compliment your party's decor!

Please take a look around and see the designs we offer! if you do not see any StixNpops that coordinate with your theme, contact me, and I can come up with a design for you!!

StixNpops are Personalized...look at our designs and you'll see that bottom marshmallows can be personalized...with a number,  a letter initial, a Monogram, a name (up to 5 letters), a short Phrase  (B-day I [heart shape]U)...except for our Writeables can really add a phrase, full name, date...etc

If you want to add a tag to your StxNpops favor, please visit my Freebie page! I have designed 11 favor tags for your SNP!!! Please feel free to print them and use them on your StixNpops favor!!!

If you are wondering how I started making these StixNpops... and how my imagination took me offlimits with these marshmallows pals.... just look at some of the photos from my daughter Valeria's 2nd Birth day Party!!! 
We decided to celebrate her 2nd Birthday at a Farm...because of her love for animals and horses!!! 
and as crafty as I am, and combining my love for entertaining... I started thinking on things to do as favors... that will look cute with my decoration!!! and I came up with chicks, pigs and cows!!! I personalized them with the number 2, since it was her second B-day!!!!
They were a hit!!! every body loved them... even the adults... so much that my friends started ordering marshmallow stix for their kids' parties too.... so I decided to put my talents to work... and earn some extra money!!!
I hope you enjoy my creations!!!

If you have any questions, please go our FAQ page, and if you are not satisfied, please contact us!!!

StixNpops...Fun Marshmallow Pops

Fun Designs for Kids StixNpops
From animals, to your kids’ favorite famous characters... we have the perfect favor for your guests and the perfect decoration for your next kids’ party!

Minis StixNpops
The name says it all.... these are mini designs....
smaller in size and in price.... if you are looking for a cute little favor, without sacrificing  style and originality these are great for you... 
The Minis StixNpops are limited in designs, 
and can still be personalized just with a number or an initial!!! 
Still Fun and Cute for your next party!!

Gourmet Line StixNpops
An scrumptious, delicacy, simply delicious sweet pop! 
Created for  the finest grownups’ taste buds.... elegant, and delicious what else do you need for your next celebration? Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday Party, Family Reunion, or event corporate Events!
We have plain covered in chocolate, or stuffed with your favorite fruit flavor, or covered in chocolate and sprinkled with your favorite topins!!! These can also be Personalized!!!

Thank you for visiting us!!!