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How to cut Marshmallows

On this Tricks Section, I will be sharing tips on how to work with marshmallows, and small tricks that will be help you to make all mu designs and also to come up with your very own Designs.                                                                               This First trick is very important!! how do you think I come up with different marshmallow shapes? even though you can find today a lot of different Marshmallow shapes, colors and flavors...there are many shapes you need to make yourself to make a 3D Marshmallow Figure.

How to cut Marshmallows
You'll need: Marshmallows, water and scissors.

It sound easy to cut Marshmallows, but if you try to cut them with plain scissors or a'll discoverthat your mission can turn a bit sticky! 
That's why you'll need water....

Put your scissors ends in water

shake off the excess

depending on your design cut your marshmallow

you can just cut a line: if you want to make fingers, or  bunny ears.

You can cut a marshmallow in half, or quarters

you can even cut out a shape in your marshmallow

or you can come up with more complicated designs...this is how you can make french fries, octopus legs, and so on.

I hope this will help you to discover a whole new face of Marshamallows!!!


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