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Easy Royal Icing Recipe

This is the Royal Icing recipe I use for all my StixNpops. 
The Royal Icing Plays two roles: as a Glue and as  3D decorations

For this Recipe you'll need:

  • Powdered Sugar (1 lb)
  • Meringue Powder (3 tablespoons)
  • Water (6 tablespoons)
  • Flavoring (optional) (1 teaspoon)
  • A mixer

To start put the powdered sugar in the mixer

Start adding the meringue powder

Turn the mixer on slow

start adding the water

turn up the speed to medium

mix until fluffy, add your flavoring (you can add any flavoring you prefer: vanilla, almond peppermint, and I like lime juice!) 

Mix for 2 more minutes and cover. 
This mix should be very thick. this will be the glue for your marshmallows, and to make 3D decorations: like hair. For other decoration you will need a thinner Royal Icing: For this just add a couple more tablespoons of water

get a damped towel and cover your royal icing, if you will working with it right away. You can even store it a a container and place in the fridge, it will last around 1 week (fresh)

cover with the towel as you are working, if the towel gets dry, just damped in water again.


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