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How to add a Lollipop Stick to Marshmallows

To make a Marshmallow Pop you need to have a Stick, right?
well it may sound a waste of time, this next trick...but believe is necessary!
If you just  go ahead stick a "stick"   without water, the marshmallow may move around the stick...I have even seen people add chocolate to the stick...but is much easier...
To add a stick to your Marshmallows you'll need: Water, Sticks (I prefer paper sticks for safety reasons with kids) and your Marshmallows.

Take your stick and add water to the end, and shake off the excess.

put it in your marshmallow

if you're making a simple Marshmallow pop, covered in chocolate. just lay down, and let it dry.

After a few minutes, the stick is stuck to your marshmallow.

If you are making a figure/character that requires more than 1 marshmallow stacked together (like a kabob) this trick is awesome!

add water to the tip og the marshmallow (this will be the marshmallow that will go on the bottom of the character: torso, feet)

pull trough.... and bring it down until in place

put the tip of the lollipop stick again in the water, shake off the excess. You need to this every time to add a new marshmallow, so it won't stick. 

In this example, I just make a tower of marshmallows, which went trough the stick like butter!


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