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How to Color Marshmallows

Being an Artist by nature and by profession...I am always looking at things from an artist perspective....I am always changing  the appearance of everything in my house with paint. The same thing I do when I cook, or decorate cakes....everything has to have color in one way or another....

That's how I discover my Blank Canvas Treat....I could make with them anything I wanted! and even paint them!

This is another Frequently asked Question about my StixNpops....How do you get colored marshmallows?

Well here you go!!! 

In this Tutorial I am just going to show you how to transform a plain white marshmallow into a colorful one. You can apply the edible coloring to each marshmallow piece before putting them together, or you can apply the color, after you assemble your character...It is up to you!!

You'll need:
  • Marshmallows 
  • Food Coloring (I prefer the Wilton Brand)
  • Paint brushes
  • A small spoon
  • Small cointainers/dishes
  • Water
  • Disposable gloves
  • Parchment Paper

Put a small amount of water in your container, and take some food coloring with your spoon.

Add the food coloring to the water and mix. There is no exact amount of food all depends on the shade of color you want. 

In this case I am using an orange food coloring, If you're not sure  if your color mix is ok...test it.
Take  2 marshmallows, 1 pink and 1 white. They both will  end up with a different orange shade, because of their base color. With every StixNpops poject, I keep a test marshmallow, where I test my colors first. 

I have tested here my orange food coloring on both marshmallows....and I like the color on the pink marshmallow...its a bit darker...and I want to make a the color its perfect.

Once I have decided which marshmallows I am going to use. I start painting my marshmallow. As you may notice, I am using small amounts of the water-color....not dripping...because it will turned a really big mess...and will take forever to dry.

I usually have all the marshmallows I am going to color lined up on the parchment paper. I paint the top and the sides...and let it dry for 30 min- 1 hour

 after it dries, turn it over to paint the bottom.

and there you have it....a colored Marshmallow!!!
I Painted both the white and the pink marshmallow, so you an see the difference.
It depends on the colors you are looking for...before you start painting all your marshmallows...test the color on both marshmallow colors.

To learn more Mallow Trick go Here

Here are some exmples of the StixNpops I have made using this technique!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!!!
and go ahead start StixNpoping!!!

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