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Girls Ice Cream Parlour Party

Since Last year I already knew I wanted to do an Ice Cream Parlour Party this year. I was planning to buy an Ice Cream Party Printable...but during this past year I discovered a lot of Free Ice Cream Printables. One day I was planning my budget for the party...and I decided to make a party on a budget of $100, so mission was to create a beautiful party for less!

Therefor I decided to use as many free Printables as I could....I found several with ice cream themes...but I choose the ones that had the same color palette I already had on mind: Aqua, Pink, Brown and white.

Tip: To decorate your party you do not need to have everyhting with the same graphics,...think COLOR. try to unify all your party with a color palette. With the color on mind you can use almost anything: trowns, pillows, lamps, jars, plates, flowers, baskets, chairs, paper, fabric...just look around your house, and you'll find lots of decorating elements, which will save $$$
In this party I used Scrappbooking Paper I already had, and I used on the banner, I made paper flowers, decorated each table setting, and decorated the toppings containers.

The Invitation
I printed on Cardstock paper the Free Printable Invite from One Charming Party, you can find the link HERE

The Birthday Girl, excited about her party!

My two Beautiful Girls
Both with new dresses, and  to complement their attire beautiful accessories from Bebellissimos Children's Boutique

The Dessert Table

The focal point of the dessert table was the cake. I only get to practice my Cake decorating hobby a couple times during the year...and on each birthday cake I like to try different techniques! 

Tip: If you want to save money on your party...go DIY. bake and decorate your own cake. Try making your own fondant, and you'll save around $50. You can make your own cake for less than $12, if you make everything yourself...I'll share my fondant recipe next week! it's easy, fast to make and inexpensive!

I know the ice cream topper is a bit tilted...but believe me...I tried lots of things to make it straight...Oh well maybe on my next cake I'll get better!  with every cake I learn something new : )

On the dessert table I had the following:
Chocolate cupcakes baked on ice cream cones, and cake pops as ice cream cones, some cute marshmallows in ice cream shapes. I also decorated chocolate covered cookies and I decorated them with royal icing to match the cake. I also made Neapolitan Marshmallow pops covered in chocolate

The Goody Bags

I decorated white lunch bags with the scrapping paper I used trhough out the party decorations. and I printed the Free printable by  One Charming Party, you can find the Free Printables HERE

In the goodie bags I only put an Ice Cream bowl and matching spoon, and a cute Bubble Ice Cream Bar (there were 3 scents: Chocolate, strawberry and fun right?)  and found them all at the dollar store...great deal!! I bought the bowls like 5 months ago, and the bubble ICB like a month ago.
TIP: Plan ahead of time, choose your party theme, and be on the look out when you go out shopping, it's a clever way to save big! when you save you feel extra smart!!

The Table

Each girl found on their table setting the following:

A plate with a small package with their first craft elements (we made a name bracelet) The plate was for them to pour the beads and make it easier for them to assemble their bracelet without loosing all the beads.

Polkadot Bowl, with napkin and spoon: ready for them to make their own Ice Cream Sunday.  I bought the bowls at the dollar store, 2 for $1, I decorated them with white circle stickers, to make a bit more interesting! I already had spoons and pink napkins. (I collect all my party left overs on a I always have plates, napkins, balloons, etc ready for the next party)

A Rice Krispies Cone treat, to snack on while working on all the crafts!

 A cone decorated with a brown napkin (to simulate a chocolate ice cream cone ) and a paper cheery with each child's name.

Each child made a name bracelet, they had lots of fun  making it! I bought the beads at the Dollar store, total $2.00
We also decorated an ice Cream Parlour Hat with ice cream Stickers. It's fun to see how easy kids can get entertained with stickers... and so inexpensive  ( I bought the stickers book at JoAnn, it was on clearance for $0.50

For the Bracelet Package I used another great Free Printable from Trillustrations
You can see the  Free Ice Cream  Cut outs HERE 
You can personalize them as you wish. I only used the pink and brown Icre Cream cone continue with my color palette. 

they did a great job!

 The Ice Cream Toppings

I wanted to do all the crafts and serve the Ice Cream in just one Planned to have the table set up for both. In the middle of the table I set up all the  Ice Cream toppings: Mini Chocolate Chp Cookies, Sprinkles, Mini Bear Grahams, Whipped Cream, M&Ms, Fudge, Gummy Bears,  Cherries, Marshmallow Cream,  Chocolate Roll Wafers,  and Mini Flower Marshmallows. To save big on my Toppings' Check, I bought them all at  the Aldi Supermarket, I also bought  from Aldi the Ice Cream, and some Chips and salsa for the adults.

I didn't have the time to make tissue pompons or any other decoration, so  I used some Urchin paper decorations I made earlier this year for a photoshoot for my Art Business: Dreams Come Painted. so don't be surprised when you see these again! I only used here the ones that had the colors of the party I really did not spend any money here! 

For the Toppings titles I used another great Free Printable from:
Eat Drink Chic, you can find all the Free Printables for an Ice Cream Parlour HERE
I just used two of the fre printables. They are beautiful, and they were White and they matched my colors...a plus!!

The girls posing with their Ice Cream Parlour outfits: the Hats they decorated with stickers and a disposable apron. These were probably the biggets ticket on my budget (and the wasn't that big either...the total for the hats and aprons was aroung $20), but they were well worth it. I purchased them from Growing Cooks. They sell great products at great price. If you are ever planning a cooking party...please check them out!

Making Ice Cream Sundays 

The girls had so much fun creating their very own Sundays... they had so many options, and it was interesting to see what  toppings they chose, and how they wanted them arranged in their was like watching them doing a scince was fun!

We all had a blast! It was a small and intimate party, just with Valeria's Best girl friends.
...and after so much sugar...treats and Ice cream...the girls were a bit energetic! so we had another surprise...thank God my Brother owns a  Moonwalk party Rental: Gorilla Jumper, so we had a Giant Dinosour Moonwalk outsite waiting for girls full of energy! Believe me, all the parents were happy to know that most of that sugar  was going to be burned out! 


  1. SUPER CUTE!!!! love the color combination also this year for my girls and its inspired by ur girl's fairy themed party, thank you for sharing maybe doing this themed for her 3rd bday :D

  2. LOVE the pictures!! You are soo creative!! You have inspired me to start thinking of ways to express my creativity. Thank you!!


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