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Tutorial Bunny StixNpops

On this tutorial I am going to show the basics of how to assemble a bunny Marshmallow Pop.
Please refer to my Mallow Tricks and The Fixings Sections for further information. You'll need to learn those basics prior to this tutorial. 

Get all your materials and ingredients before starting: your Marshmallows, royal icing, water, and scissors.

Take a Giant Marshmallow for the bunny's body, and put it in the Stick (refer to the Mallow Tricks Section) pull it down, so you'll have enough space for the head and ears.

Next take a regular marshmallow, and put it in the stick right next to the giant. If you want to can a bit of royal icing in between the marshmallows.

Take another regular marshmallow, and with the scissors (refer to Mallow tricks)
cut it almost in half, not all the way through... leave a little space to hold  the ears together

dab a small amount of royal icing on the tip of the stick

put the marshmallow ears in the stick

Lay it down, and let it set for about 2 minues

I it's starting to look like a bunny already!!

while you wait for the ears to set in place. take another regular marshmallow and cut in half

these 2 halves will be the buny's feet!

You can cut 2 lines on each half to mimic it's toes, or you can just leave it plain, and do the toes and decorate the feet with royal icing at the end.

on each half, dab a bit of royal icing

put it on top of the will look like the bunny is sitting down!

We're almost there!!

Now time for the hands....take 2 mini Marshmallows, add Royal Icing to one of its ends and put in place. you can put the hands where ever you want, this is personal taste. You can put them on the sides, or in the center right above the feet, and then you can add a carrot with royal icing!

 Now the face features: take one mini Marshmallow, and cut it in half
add royal icing to the back (where you made the cut)
and put it on the bunny's face!!!

We have a bunny!!!
Now all you have to do is to decorate it with royal icing, or candies.
I'll do another tutorial on decorating with Royal Icing


  1. Amazing Elizabeth! I can't wait to make these...but I wish I could just call you and place an order lol :)

  2. This is so crazy awesome! I'm in love with it! I want more!


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