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Shabby Chic Fairy Party- Happy Customer's Photos

I am so excited to share this party with all of you... Pam from Party Starters ordered the Fairies StixNpops for her daughter's Aly's Birthday.

Pam planned a Shabby Chic Fairy party, and you see how every detail ties with the theme. Just by looking at the pictures you might think she spent a lot... but can you tell that she did it for under $100? that's smart Party Planning! Love it!! I am all in for Great and Fabulous Parties without hurting the wallet... some of the things she did to cut expenses for this Fabulous Party were: 

  • Recycle/Reuse: She used a window box she already had, and glassware she already owned.
  • Buy Second hand: Many of the platters, vases, containers she bought at at a Second hand store at an incredible price.
  • DIY: she did the majority of the decorations: Banners, fairy boxes, cupcake wrappers, fairy cupcake picks, butterfly straw decorations, food and drinks.
  • Get help from family and friends: She got help  from relatives to bake the cupcakes, help with face Painting, making the crafts, and taking photos!

I call this a Super Fabulous Party... Is just breathtaking! because every detail was so carefully the elegant muted colors: so chic... the activities: fun for all the guests, the price tag: just right!

Our Fairy StixNpops Personalizaed with the number 5 and custom made with all the 
Colors used in the party: soft pink, white, lime green and chic, romantic, cute...

You can feel the love in the air, when the family works together in a project, it gets closer and grow even bigger memories!!!
To see more pics and to get more ideas from this Great Party please visit Pam's Blog Party Starters, and check out her amazing Party Products!
Great job Pam! can't wait to see more of your Parties!

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