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Chameleon Party: Designer's Challenge, Green Theme, Party under Budget

I was so happy when Kristy from The Purple Pug contacted me, to be part of this awesome Challenge.
It was a  Designer's Challenge created by Ebony from Sparkling Event & Designs.  The real challenge was to create a party under $100 and  with a "green" theme!!!  

When Kristy told me about her theme I loved it....a Gree Grass Gala, with chameleons! how cute is that?
To get more info about this amazing party please click Here
To view all the other great party entries please click Here.

As always Kristy did a magnificent job....she always does a great job combining colors, and textures!!! loved this party...please take a couple of minutes to browse trough all the party details, the tablescape, the dessert table and the cute kids' activities!

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Girls Ice Cream Parlour Party

Since Last year I already knew I wanted to do an Ice Cream Parlour Party this year. I was planning to buy an Ice Cream Party Printable...but during this past year I discovered a lot of Free Ice Cream Printables. One day I was planning my budget for the party...and I decided to make a party on a budget of $100, so mission was to create a beautiful party for less!

Therefor I decided to use as many free Printables as I could....I found several with ice cream themes...but I choose the ones that had the same color palette I already had on mind: Aqua, Pink, Brown and white.

Tip: To decorate your party you do not need to have everyhting with the same graphics,...think COLOR. try to unify all your party with a color palette. With the color on mind you can use almost anything: trowns, pillows, lamps, jars, plates, flowers, baskets, chairs, paper, fabric...just look around your house, and you'll find lots of decorating elements, which will save $$$
In this party I used Scrappbooking Paper I already had, and I used on the banner, I made paper flowers, decorated each table setting, and decorated the toppings containers.

The Invitation
I printed on Cardstock paper the Free Printable Invite from One Charming Party, you can find the link HERE

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Monters Party Photoshoot by Elissa Stone

Today's Blog guest is Elissa Stone from One Stone Events, I had the opportunity to work with her on a Fun Monsters Party  styled Photo Shoot for Bird's Party Magazine. It was an honor to work with such a talented woman. Please make sure to visit One Stone Events website and facebook page....Elissa styles just beautiful party and events.... and now lets  have Elissa talk a little about herself and the the details about this cute Monsters Party scape! 

Elissa Stone from One Stone Events
I'm really excited to be guest blogging today at StixNpops! Elizabeth collaborated with me on this 'Little Monster' Party' for Bird's Party Magazine. Her marshmallow pops are so much fun and they were a great addition to the shoot.  I really appreciate Elizabeth letting me hang out on her blog today. I hope you all enjoy the party. I am moving into the niche of boutique party styling, so keep an eye out for my new blog, coming soon. And now, onto the party details!

Because the color palette is very bright and exciting, I chose to let those colors really pop off bright white linens and platters. I wanted to add another pattern to the polka dots, so I went with stripes; always a nice complement. You can imagine how excited I was when I found striped wrapping paper in the exact same colors as the darling ‘Little Monsters’ printable collection I was designing to.

Dessert table: While I am careful to not design so literally to a theme, the hanging installment of koosh monsters and balls was too fun to pass up! I knew the moment I saw those, what I wanted to do with them. They were so full of color and texture and added the quirk factor I’m always looking for. I spent a long time hanging them at various heights and levels and on different planes to get the right balance. 
TIP: Take pictures with your camera as you set up to get a different view of what your table looks like. This helped me find the balance when hanging everything, so I knew what it would look like in pictures.  

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How to Color Marshmallows

Being an Artist by nature and by profession...I am always looking at things from an artist perspective....I am always changing  the appearance of everything in my house with paint. The same thing I do when I cook, or decorate cakes....everything has to have color in one way or another....

That's how I discover my Blank Canvas Treat....I could make with them anything I wanted! and even paint them!

This is another Frequently asked Question about my StixNpops....How do you get colored marshmallows?

Well here you go!!! 

In this Tutorial I am just going to show you how to transform a plain white marshmallow into a colorful one. You can apply the edible coloring to each marshmallow piece before putting them together, or you can apply the color, after you assemble your character...It is up to you!!

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How to make Sugar Crystals to stick to Marshmallows

This is a question a get really did you make the Sugar to stick to the Marshmallows?
Well here I am reveling my secret! it's pretty simple!

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StixNpops Giveaway

--Giveaway is Closed--

You could win this Babycakes Cupcake Machine

This Cake Pops Machine

At the StixNpops we are celebrating a New Era!!! a New Concept!!!
We stopped selling our start sharing our found talents about Marshmallows, all FREE TUTORIALS!!

So we decided to start this new chapter of StixNpops with a GREAT GIVEAWAY!!!

The Winner will be able to choose between a Babycakes "cupcake machine" or "cake pops machine"
These are great!!! with the mini cupcake can make more than just adorable mini can make mini pot pies...great for Party appetizers...
I have one...and I could not be happier with it!!
...and with the Cake Pops machine...well you can make fun cake pops!!! which I love! and mini donuts....and of course you can get  very creative, and come up with your own creation!

We will announce the Winner on  Wednesday August 3rd, and the winner will be chosen using (You have 1 week to enter, and to let all your friends know about this exciting Giveaway...nobody will want to pass)

  1. Like us on Facebook, and write a short message on our Wall and leave a comment on this post that you are a fan.
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  3. Check out our StixNpops Categories and leave a comment about which StixNpops Tutorial  you would like us to feature.

Good Luck everyone!!! and thank you for supporting StixNpops!!!
(Giveaway Only Valid in the USA, excludes Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Hawaii)

We have a Winner!!!
Comment #52

AUGUST 3, 2011
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Tutorial Bunny StixNpops

On this tutorial I am going to show the basics of how to assemble a bunny Marshmallow Pop.
Please refer to my Mallow Tricks and The Fixings Sections for further information. You'll need to learn those basics prior to this tutorial. 
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Food Coloring Types

I have been asked what food coloring I use, and if there is any difference on the type of food colorings...and well I like to use Wilton's brand, but I know there are a lot of good quality food coloring. Try to buy the ones that are heavy in texture, thick...not the liquid ones. The thicker ones, like Wilton's have better pigmentation, and you'll need less to achieve your desired color.
  • There are 2 main different types of Food Colorings: The Icing Color, and Candy Food Coloring. 

The Icing Color:  (disolves in water), This is one you'll use to color your Royal icing, and to give color to the Marshmallows (tutorial next week)

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Marshmallow Types

People ask me frequantely How do i come up with so many shapes for the StixNpops Designs.
Well, I do make a lot of the shapes Cutting the Marshmallows, and I also make fresh homemade Marshmallows for other designs (I will share the Marshmallow recipes very soon), but the truth is that I always keep an eye on new marhsmallows...everytime I visit the grocery store I go the baking aisle where the marshmallow are....and believe me I always find new designs
During different seasons, you'll find cute designs like to Halloween, Valentines, Christmas and Easter. 
I also like to visit the local Farmers Market and I always find a wide assortment in the Chinese and Hispanic Aisles. You can also browse online! there are lots, and lots of marshmallows!
Here are just some of my finds!!! you can store them in a fresh, cool place away from the sun for about 6 months, just check the expiration dates

You can find lots of differents Marshmallow sizes, to make different parts of a character's body. Like torso, legs, hands, ears, nose, etc.
Here are some of the Marshmallows I use the most.

Giant or Jumbo Marshmallows: Found in the Baking aisle or Hispanic Aisle, great to make the body's of the different characters.

Regular Marshmallows: these are the regular size Marshmallows we all know. great for heads, minis,  and Petites

Big Mini Marshmallows: Are minis but just a bit bigger, found in the International Aisle of your Market or Farmers Market. Great for hands, and small feet. 

Mini Marshmallows: Are the minis we all know, come in different colors and flavors. Great for small features like noses, ears, and small hands. 

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How to add a Lollipop Stick to Marshmallows

To make a Marshmallow Pop you need to have a Stick, right?
well it may sound a waste of time, this next trick...but believe is necessary!
If you just  go ahead stick a "stick"   without water, the marshmallow may move around the stick...I have even seen people add chocolate to the stick...but is much easier...
To add a stick to your Marshmallows you'll need: Water, Sticks (I prefer paper sticks for safety reasons with kids) and your Marshmallows.

Take your stick and add water to the end, and shake off the excess.

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Crystal Sugar Types

When making Marshmallow Pops, you want to decorate them as pretty and delicious as possible. To create textures and colors I use Crystal Sugars and there are 2 basic types: Sanding Sugars and Coarse Sugars

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Mario Bros Party by Not Just a Mommy

Here is a very well planned and organized Mario Bros Party for a Tween Boy!
Dawn from Not just a Mommy created this wonderful Mario Bross Party for her son Jawan. and I am sure that  this the dream party for any tween or teen age boy. Dawn not only offered all the guests with a beautiful table full of beautiful and delicious treats but also with round of video games.... from a  Game Truck! how cool is that....I didn't even know those existed!!! if I ever have a boy....that's on my party list!

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Hamburger Party by Grey Grey Designs

What a great and creative party Britanny from Grey Grey Designs pulled off for her lil' boy Greson's 3rd Birthday Party! 
She planned, organized and made most of the decorations herself. This is an absolute awesome Burger, Pickles, cheese and Buns party!

Check out the way she displayed the hamburguer cupcakes! love it!

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Octopus and Whales StixNpops

Another great StixNpops set for an Ocean themed party!!
Cute Octopus and whales...which you can make in any color you want! embellished with sanding sugar crystals. I just love the color combination of the orange octopus  and blue whale. 
The bottom marshmallow decorated with blue 
Add personalization (a number, a letter, or a monogram)

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Jungle Baby Shower

This is my Sister in Law's and Brother Baby Shower for their first Baby Boy Matias.
I had so much fun planning and organizing this baby Shower...I just could not believe that my baby younger brother was going to be a daddy...I always saw him like the little kids that had to hold on to my hand to cross the road....but now I was planning the Baby Shower for his Baby!

They only asked for a Safari/Jungle animals  themed Baby Shower! the rest was just a matter of putting all my ideas together!

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Picnic Favorites StixNpops

These Picnic/Summer Favorites!!! have been a Huge Hit!!! I never thought how many order requests I was going to get about these!
They were so much fun to make! The hot dogs are another big hit!!! diggity dogs! which were famous on the Mickey Mouse club House Party 

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Olivia the Pig StixNpops

Olivia the Pig!!! this is one of my 3 years old favorite character...and why not to say it....mine too!!
it's not only a cute pink pig!!! but it makes me laugh everytime I watch it with my kids! 
If you're planning an Olivia's party this is the perfect party pop to give to each of your guests!

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Garden Fairies StixNpops

I just love the vibrant colors of these Fairies. This was another customer wanted StixNpops to match her party decorations. These are one of my favorites!!!
They each have a different dress,  and hairdo. They are all decorated with sugar crystals, and luster dusts and sparkling dust.
These Garden Fairies are perfect for a Fairy Princess party, and they would look adorable next to your birthday cake!!! what a great addition to any little girl's dream party!

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Famous Super Heroes StixNpops

I received a special request about Marvel Super Heroes!
I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I love challenges!
I am sure any boy would be excited about these Pops at their party...I know one big boy that was excited about hubby!!!

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Easy Royal Icing Recipe

This is the Royal Icing recipe I use for all my StixNpops. 
The Royal Icing Plays two roles: as a Glue and as  3D decorations

For this Recipe you'll need:

  • Powdered Sugar (1 lb)
  • Meringue Powder (3 tablespoons)
  • Water (6 tablespoons)
  • Flavoring (optional) (1 teaspoon)
  • A mixer

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How to cut Marshmallows

On this Tricks Section, I will be sharing tips on how to work with marshmallows, and small tricks that will be help you to make all mu designs and also to come up with your very own Designs.                                                                               This First trick is very important!! how do you think I come up with different marshmallow shapes? even though you can find today a lot of different Marshmallow shapes, colors and flavors...there are many shapes you need to make yourself to make a 3D Marshmallow Figure.

How to cut Marshmallows
You'll need: Marshmallows, water and scissors.

It sound easy to cut Marshmallows, but if you try to cut them with plain scissors or a'll discoverthat your mission can turn a bit sticky! 
That's why you'll need water....

Put your scissors ends in water

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